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Welcome to the new team of be body confident!

Welcome to the new team of be body confident.. Hi I am the co founder of this campaign I started just painting my body using it as a canvas to express myself, and using what I love the most which is art and creativity and showing women and young girls not to be frightened anymore on who they are. I feel its so important that we should love ourselves just the way we are and not let others judge us for who we actuallty are. Being body confident is so important to our developement we are who we are why should we change that and for what? I have been putting my work in the papers and over social media it is being seen more than I ever thought it would. And I feel it has been helping so many to with just a bit of positivity in this world it can be a better place, to not just be you but to support others around you be there for them we can be stronger together. My vision for this campaign is for women and young girls to be confident in their own skin, to be brave to show who they are and not care what others think to have self worth and self love. We hide away and its time to come out of the shadows and show the world who we are because we can all stand tall and lets get dressed for that ball!! WE are here as a team to blow this out the water to show what can be done if you support each other we are here to support you, show you that being body confident is best and and lets join the rest.. There is lots to come your way we are here to brighten up your day in lots of creative ways.

Our Team roles

Charlotte Ralph - Co founder, project/events manager 

Kay carter - Be body confident broadcaster/educational events manager

Sarah Steel - Social action coordinator for young people & events

Abby Dewberry- Admin/support worker & events 

I am an experienced education manager and community podcaster who has used the lockdown to pursue my passion in radio and broadcasting. I moved to the Island only recently, but I fell in love with it and I have used the podcast Simply Sheppey to foster connections in the community and to build my skills as a broadcaster. On one of those podcasts, I met a wonderful, talented artist called Lottie Hopper. She inspired me immediately to want to get to know more about what she does and to help and I am honoured to be part of her team. I feel passionate about the values of the Be Body Confident Campaign and I look forward to working with the team to make it all it can be!

Hello I’m Abby and I’m Lottie’s younger sister. I have lived on the Sheppey all my life. I am a mum of one, a little boy who is 7 soon to be 8 and a stepmum to a little girl who is 8. I work for The Hope Street Centre, they are a local charity based in sheerness who support adults with learning disabilities and long term health conditions. We run the Blue Tree Social Club and Job Clubs and also help support volunteers with the Lighthouse Coffee Shop. We also run outreach activities such as archery, bowling, tennis and pool and snooker. We also hire out rooms within the building to educational providers, NHS, exercise groups and other support groups. My role is a support worker and general admin support, this includes helping out in the Job Club, supporting the running of the Blue Tree Social Club, accounts, booking events, ordering office supplies and food for the coffee shop and keeping the social media up-to date. I have also recently become a trustee of a charity called Medway Puzzles, they are a charity based it Medway and swale for children, adults and families with disabilities such as autism, I am quite new to this role and still finding my feet.

My name is Sarah and I have been a Maths teacher for 13 years. During my time as a teacher I have developed a passion for the student experience as this is an important part of the personal development of our young people. I am currently studying towards a foundation degree, Delivering Social Action in Schools which was inspired by and I have designed and implemented an inclusive student lead social action programme at my school. I believe that empowering our young people by looking after their well-being, developing their life skills and leadership prospects provides pupils with the aspirations to achieve their goals. Working alongside Lottie and the team is exciting and I can't wait to be apart of it!

Meet our new team of Be body confident! Coming soon.

We are here to help and shine the light.. so lots of colour makes it all nice and bright!

This campaign is here to show you that self love is so important and to always be yourself and let no one tell you different, No one should judge you and you should never listen to what others say. 

You are perfect just the way you are no matter your faults, lumps, scars always have the confidence to stand tall.. and dress for the ball. 

Just be you and you will shine through.