The Rose Gold Gallery

* Therapeutic Art Work & Products For Women & Children *

Welome to the new page and Campaign for women and girls, Be Body Confident ! being just who you are is best.

In this album you’ll find the new campaign that I want to share.. we all struggle loving who we are even I do, but with my new love of body art I am showing you anything is possible. That loving who you are with out changing who you are and expressing the person you always wanted to be. 

I am 29 years of age almost hitting my 30th birthday this year! I have hidden away for so long not loving who I am, listening to all the negativity around me that I didn`t matter. Times are changing as women we hide away we are not seen as we should be, I am about to change that I have started to stand up and be the woman I was always meant to be brave, confident, sexy and free! This Campaign I am lauching is for those who feel they are not brave enough to come out, I am here to show you anything is possible, and I am here to give a helping hand yes ladies its time you took the spot light.  We stand together, we stand tall, we are brave, and have self confidence thats hidden away inside. Let it out ..... !!