The Rose Gold Gallery

* Therapeutic Art Products/Packs & Be Body Confident Community Campaign *

Welcoming you to the new Art page for Women, this page shows what sort of work that I can do, and to market to you`re needs which is important to me.Each piece of work has been hand illustrated as well as my home has been painted by hand every room has its own personalitiy which I find interesting couldn`t get bored in this house. I would like to help you express yourself through art I believe that everyone can draw no matter how good or bad you think you are, I am here to help you discover ypur inner artist!

In this album you’ll find a collection of some of the work I have created!#

From my women`s art therapy packs and 3- month programme that can be self filled or seen through out with guidence and support. There is also products that share what colours mean for our emotions, each day with out realising colours affect how we feel and react to the world. We see colour even when going to out wardrobes picking a item can make a possitive ot negative impact on our mood for that day. 

Other pieces here is some of my work that is around my home, which is an art gallery within its self, each wall in this house is filled with something different. Every room has it own style and design which has been painted by hand or just created from the mind.