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Women's Art Therapy programme packs

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49.99 GBP

I would like to introduce my Art therapy programme, 3 month course which will include 1:1 sessions at weekly intervals by face to face and can be given to in groups of 4 , zoom or phone what ever the client feels comfortable with.Within this programme you will get 1:1 support, on all activities that are set for you, the work book, Art therapy book which is a drawing.. setting that inner artist free!self releasing book 45 page draw your heart out therapy. You will also receive A pack which will include the client work book, Girls can draw too, positivity cards, as you can see in the second picture. As a woman who finds art a passion, a release an escape but a talent and makes you the other half of me. I have created this pack as well as packs for children to express their emotions, through the world of art, colour, which helps us se the world around us. Just to be you, no interruptions, no judgement to leave your busy life for a short amount of time! To feel you matter too... let no one define you, just be who you want to be which I feel can be the best thing! As well as art of course wonderful things can be created by picking up a pencil or paint brush.

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You can pay the full price today and receive an extra free gift which will be placed in the box, or pay over the 3 months programme with instalments of 108pounds. which can set up by direct debit or strip or PayPal. I am happy to discuss payment once joining the programme and i feel you will be the right person and this will suit you and your needs. Thank you