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* Therapeutic Art Products/Packs & Be Body Confident Community Campaign *

New logo ... revamped ..

The be body confident fashion how tickets on sale now .. women from all over the UK are taking part to show the can be body confident too.. it's time to show who we are to stand tall and be apart of the artist ball.

The new book has been started.. well here is the cover! This book will be filled with my own life events, and why I struggled throughout my life with body confidence. Adding other inspirational women to the book too it will show you no matter what life can throw at you, no matter how hard life seems there is always light at the end. Which can be bright and colourful as you will see with the book..

Winning this wonderful small/individual award for my brand very exciting times... winning Author of the year!! 2021 can not wait for the future.

My first paid advertisment.. 2021 to be able to get my work and campaign out there for as many woemn as it can reach.. also known who you are and stay true to yourself, be brave, confident and brave.

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Celebrating world book day 2021.. this year has been a little bit different! But nothing make me more happier than being an Author to these books x

Welcome to the Be body confident self care pack.. time to give yourself a bit of TLC.. we all need that little break from time to time.

Welcome to the new be body confident self care pack! For your self confidence needs.

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Be body confident campaign video ...

To show with a bit of confidence you will be amazed what you can do x

I am here for all those hidden emotions, here I offer my creativity and my art.. because we all have that hidden part. women its time to be you... my work will help you shine through.

Reaching Kent Online this morning 10/1/2021... standing strong with tiger strips(Mummy strips) body confident!

Making the newspaper for my new body work.

One with nature x

Letting emotions free!

Painting 4... body self expression much better than a canvas or a piece of paper! painting your body gives you so much confidence and I feel completely alive

My Painted World! coming soon my life story autobiography ...

Welcome to the Rose Gold Gallery Book shop! All 4 books are now up, including the art therapy programme for women, kids art therapy packs, emotion cards, positivity cards.. let your inner artist be set free!

My launch photo i will use for my painting parties soon... life seems to be going well and what better way to express that with creativity! X

The launch of my Women's Art Therapy pack! 21/10/2020, it includes all the work i have created as well as it being placed in a new designed folder.18 and a half month of hard work and finally supported by an organisation I feel so lucky.

My First speaker event al about the work I have been doing for the last almost 2 years! very excited.

A short video introducing the kids activity/adventure pack!

Welcome to my 3 month art therapy programme, let you're inner artist be set free!

The start of book number 5, This is me! and illustrated life story.[0]=AZUoei1FOIsvr7NLmQclvM-AxsB3K9K_NVn5LHpVw09GRcOY55e76ErB2q2rrXrAOEPYQMtat3OwmoOyvHfmwIRIoMqgvB9UV5CNw9FvZVcuPdku_5OlxZJJmp17SZEk0_00SpD9wpVg8T0rwZkKs6fDeSb_F7UeuRL7041gJWrrn3-JF9vXW1AyzMAvBAetu8KGpnzsQBAUH2bTYu2fsb1iu-lG1G0OoVIPPV_4TYLYjq2K3TCENKyykM-9yfdmmwg&__tn__=EH-y-R

Emotion cards for kids! let your emotions be set free!

Helping kids to be creative by art, colour and setting their emotions free!

Every Purchase Receive a Free Gift!

With every book or story box, painting you buy you will receive a free Handmade gift! Handmade with love and wrapped up with care. A woman's gentle touch to art and crafts.

Introduction to the new Art Therapy book!

Art Therapy course available online at, weekly learning on art, book publishing tips, how to make a book. Materials that we use can all depend on our mood. The clothes we wear everyday says something about how we feel and express our emotions.

My practice interview! This is ME!!

Story telling with B! ... go outdoors for an adventure.

Celebrating my new Art Therapy book! The joy my work brings me!! The world of books I will stay.

Book 2 ... What is your favourite mystical creature?

B's Magical adventures ... published in 2019! Video made 2020...

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Book 1... 2019... Lets go on an adventure!

Adventures of B! First published book..

Open-House Art Gallery

Be creative, Believe in your passion, be open to new adventures there is always something new to discover. This is my moment to show what I am made of lets do this!!

I am a free spirit, love to be just me!! creating something amazing is the best feeling in the world. If I can make a difference to someone through art then I know I am doing something right. Art is my life creating a new business through this passion feels fantastic.